PGD “BLACKOUT” – 2nd Saturday l8nite

PGD invites you to our PGD-Aug-Poster-Sacramento-EDMfirst official BLACKOUT event!

On top of our unrivaled laser and LED show the dancefloor will darker than usual and washed with uv light (blacklights) throughout the night… No rules but all are invited to wear your dopest blacklight sensitive outfits. You can go full on “white party” with it, all back with only small highlights that will pick up the blacklight, modern florescents, glowing, or whatever else!

Phuture Global is Sacramento’s home of the best in GLOBAL house, techouse, techno, garage, and EDM.

The ONLY place in Sacramento to experience the best parties in New York City, London, Prague, Ibiza, Berlin, Tokyo, Lisbon, São Paulo, Amsterdam, etc is every 2nd Saturday at PGD!

Gavin Varitech, Mettius, & Funksion (Jonathan is on vacay) bringing phuture techno to Sacramento’s #1 underground party dancefloor!

PGD visual artists on the multi-color dueling lazers and LEDs…

Your music hosts, on the cutting edge of phuture forward house/techno/EDM:




This will also be a special fundraiser for PGD’s resident bartender, DANI DUKES’, ‘Happy Hour’ Burning Man camp!

PGD: Where UNDERGROUND happens!

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