Phuture Global Radio 005: Mr Bremson & Funksion


Z105!!! And we’re back!

Phuture Global Radio took a little break but we’re back to kick off 2014 (and are taking the podcast more seriously from now on)..

For our first show of 2014 we have a brand new studio mix from MR Bremson and a live recording from Funksion from the open night of Drop, 2nd Saturdays at Midtown barfly in Sacramento…

Phuture Global Discompression – 9.14.2013

PGD-Sept-WebFlorida, New York, and the 916 UNITE for one night only!!!

The ONLY place in Sacramento to experience the best of parties in New York City, London, Prague, Ibiza, Berlin, Tokyo, Lisbon, São Paulo, Amsterdam, etc is every 2nd Saturday at PGD! Sacramento’s home of the best in GLOBAL house, techouse, techno, garage, and EDM.

JUANCHO CHAPPARO (Locomotion) – Naples, FL



GAVIN VARITECH (Phuture Global Discotheque) – SAC FaceBook-48x48

FREE till 10:45 for 21+, $5 all night after. $5 till 10:45 for 18+, $10 after.

PGD: Where UNDERGROUND happens!

PGD 7/13: Karizma

DJ Karizma, Gavin Varitech, Funksion, PGD, Phuture Global, Barfly Club, Barfly SacramentoWelcome HOME Karizma! After a long (how many years was it) – and we’re sure amazing – time away in Portland, OR the 916’s “house OG” is coming home!

From the early Sacramento rave days till today Karizma has been moving dancefloors on the West Coast for 20 years now! There’s something special that comes with that kind of experience…

As we welcome Chris back he’ll be saying thank you with what is sure to be an amazing night of music, like only he can…

Karizma  .::.  Funksion B2B Gavin Varitech  .::.  Mr Bremson

HHIC Bryan is your host with the amazing Dani Dukes behind the bar!PGD is THE party for the best in proper “global” house and techno. From nu-deep to future techno, minimal to big room bangers, indie to microhaus, and everything that is proper in between.Party starts at 9:30PM and we stay open later than 99% of clubs in Sac (and can go later and later and later as long as the club is still busy!). We’re still usually rockin for an hour or two after the cheeseball clubs in Sac have already kicked you out…

Free till 10:45PM, $5 after for 21+
+18 $10 ($5 til 10:45PM).

Phuture Global Discothèque – Our first event: Sat Nov 10th

Phuture Global Discothèque is a newly thought of themed event by the family at Revival Nitelife.

From some of the people behind events going back to 1999 through 2010 – such as: System, Sexy Robots, Classics, (re)United, Dirty Romance, Tribal Mystiks, In Dreams, and many others – a new and badly needed event is born. Emanating from midtown Sacramento’s soon-to-be favorite new venue, Phuture Global Discothèque is born!